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Here is a list of books and articles I have written and presentations I have given (including the sourcecode/download).


Automating ActionScript Projects with Eclipse and Ant

This book is written for every Flash Developer out their who uses FDT or FlashBuilder, Juniors and Seniors alike. For the Junior who wants to advance their skills and the Senior who has been doing the same thing and needs more control over his/hers development process. It’s about automation, making things work for you, saving time to do more and doing it faster.

You will learn how to install and set up a versioning repository in Git or SVN and use it straight from Eclipse, how to use Mylyn to connect to your favorite bug/issue tracker (Google Code, JIRA, Mantis), and how to manage your open issues. We will teach you how to leverage the power of Apache’s Ant to automatically compile, debug, and deploy your work to an FTP server, networkshare, or webserver.

But also use Ant to do everyday tasks like automatically generating HTML and Class files, zipping, and emailing your clients notifying them for a new release. Other topics this book covers are integration with Growl’s notification system and compiling to Android and iPhone/iPad.

More information can be found on the O’Reilly site. This book is published in both print as well as an electronic version.

All the examples, libraries and sourcecode for this book can be found at this github repository.




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